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Product Details

The Trane 16 SEER Split System not only brings comfort into your home but cost savings as well. The 16 SEER rating meets the federal requirements and assures you of energy efficiency. With its quiet cooling characteristics, Trane 16 SEER Split System literally turns your home into a haven.

Trane 16 SEER Split System Features

This system comes with a host of features that make it the choicest cooling option for domestic applications. Some of the features integrated into this system include:

Climatuff Compressor

This is the heart of the ac system. It is an integral part of the outdoor unit and helps in pumping the refrigerant so as to meet the cooling needs of the system. Synonymous with Trane’s residential systems, the Climatuff Compressor is known for its low noise levels, superior durability and high efficiency.

The Compressor also allows for two-stage cooling. What this means is that your unit will operate efficiently and comfortably at low speeds thereby giving you increased savings. This low operation speed also makes this system to run quietly. During extremely hot days, the unit switches to the second stage that provides maximum comfort in your indoor environment.

High Efficiency

The 16 SEER rating is one of the most efficient in the industry and guarantees you lower power bills.

Spine Fin™ Outdoor Coil

This outdoor coil is designed for exclusive use in Trane systems. The coil is an all aluminium component that is durable, easy to maintain and crafted for maximum energy efficiency. This is in sharp contrast to the coils used by other systems that deteriorate much faster and are less efficient. The Trane designed outdoor coil has no more than 10 joints and this in itself reduces the chances of system leaks. Cleaning of these coils is also easier and quick.

Full-Side Louvered Panels

These panels protect the inside components of the system while at the same time give ample access for repair and maintenance exercises. The louvers allow free flow of air in and out of the system which helps in the cooling process.

Baked-On Powder Paint

The Trane 16 SEER Split Systems have porcelain-like powder paint finish that increases their protection from corrosion and rust. This makes the system to last longer and effectively reduce the repair and maintenance schedules.


This system comes with a 10 year warranty on parts. This warranty is valid if the units are registered online and are used for residential applications.

The 16 SEER Trane split systems are available in different capacities ranging from 1.5 to 5 tons. This gives variety to consumers.

  • Cond: 4TTB6018A1000A // AH: 4FWHF024A1000B 1.5 TON 16 SEER BOTTOM RETURN
  • Cond: 4TTB6024A1000A // AH: 4FWHF024A1000B 2 TON 16 SEER BOTTOM RETURN
  • Cond: 4TTB6030A1000A // AH: 4FWHF030A1000B 2.5 TON 16 SEER BOTTOM RETURN
  • Cond: 4TTB6036A1000A // AH: 4FWHF036A1000B 3 TON 16 SEER BOTTOM RETURN
  • Cond: 4TTB6042A1000A // AH: 4FWHF042A1000B 3.5 TON 16 SEER BOTTOM RETURN
  • Cond: 4TTB6049A1000A // AH: 4FWHF048A1000B 4 TON 16 SEER BOTTOM RETURN
  • Cond: 4TTB6061A1000A // AH: TAM7B0C60H51SB 5 TON 16 SEER BOTTOM RETURN