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Product Details

The Rheem 16 SEER split system is a state-of-the-art air conditioning unit coupled with an eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant that gives the unit a super performance.

This split system is designed in line with Rheem’s long term vision for HVAC units which is to make them efficient, money saving, quieter during operations and environmentally friendly to bring you the peace of mind and comfort that you need year after year. Rheem 16 SEER split system is in the top league of high performing and simple units that are Energy Star certified.

Ultra High Efficiency

The 16 SEER rating of the split systems signifies an efficient system that consumes less energy to deliver a tremendous output. If you are looking to replace your air conditioner, this series is a worthy consideration. It is over and above the minimum SEER rating of 13 and this means:

Lower Utility Bills – The Rheem 16 SEER split system significantly cuts down on your energy bills. In fact, if you are switching from an old 8 SEER unit to this 16 SEER unit, you will save up to 50 percent of your energy bills.

Environmental Impact – Because of its efficiency, this split system contributes fewer greenhouse gases thereby saving the environment. Less electricity used means less fossil fuels burnt and this is good for the environment.

Humidity – These air conditioners keep your indoor environment at the preferred temperature and also remove moisture from the surrounding air. Being modulated systems, the Rheem 16 SEER split system runs longer cycles at lower pressures hence helping to keep the air cool and comfortable without the risk of mold or other airborne problems.

Earth-Friendly R-410A Refrigerant

The Rheem 16 SEER split system comes with the latest R-410A refrigerant which is environmental friendly and does not contain chemicals such as chlorine which can damage the ozone. This refrigerant is also economical because compared to the R22, lesser amount of it is required due to its excellent heat transfer and low pressure drop.

In addition to the above features, Rheem 16 SEER split system comes with a two-stage cooling mechanism that makes the processor to operate at two levels; high for hot summers and low for colder days.

10-Year Manufacturer Warranty

For a long time now, Rheem has been setting the standard for domestic cooling and comfort with its wide range of air conditioning units. The Rheem 16 SEER split system comes with a full 10-year warranty backup on parts as long as the unit is for residential applications and it is registered online following the installation. This protects your investment and gives you peace of mind.

NB: Rheem 16 SEER split system comes in a wide range of capacities from 1.5 ton to 5 ton as illustrated below:

  • 14AJM19A01 // AH: RH1T2417STANJA 1.5 TON 16 Seer Bottom Return
  • 14AJM25A01 // AH: RH1T2417STANJA 2 TON 16 Seer Bottom Return
  • 14AJM30A01 // AH: RH1T3617STANJA 2.5 TON 16 Seer Bottom Return
  • 14AJM36A01 // AH: RH1T3621STANJA 3 TON 16 Seer Bottom Return
  • 14AJM42A01 // AH: RH1T3621STANJA 3.5 TON 16 Seer Bottom Return
  • 14AJM49A01 // AH: RH1T4821STANJA 4 TON 16 Seer Bottom Return
  • 14AJM56A01 // AH: RHLLHM6024JA 5 TON 16 Seer Bottom Return