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Product Details

The Rheem 13 SEER split system has an excellent combination of indoor air handling unit and an outdoor condensing unit. The indoor handling unit has an air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger and a supply air fan. The outdoor condensing unit on the other hand has a condenser coil and a compressor. Just like the other Rheem products, the 13 SEER split system has one of the highest energy efficiency in the market.

Rheem manufacturers pay particular attention to the SEER rating to ensure that their split systems are in compliant with all the regulatory standards. The higher (13) SEER rating signifies a more efficient split system.

Used With Earth-Friendly R-410a Refrigerant

The benefit of the eco-friendly R-410a Refrigerant is that as opposed to the other refrigerants, it does not contain chlorine therefore it will not harm your indoor and even outdoor environment. The use of this refrigerant is in compliant with laws developed that aim at eliminating the R-22 refrigerant. The Rheem 13 SEER split system refrigerant is therefore fully compliant and not as expensive to service.

Copeland Scroll Single Stage Compressor

This processor contained in the Rheem split system is designed to enhance the performance and quality of the system. This compressor enhances performance of the system by about 1.5 to 5.5 percent at full load and 2 to 4 percent at part-load on the 5-ton models.

This compressor has revolutionized the Rheem split system by giving it a superior humidity control, quieter operation, greater efficiency and unsurpassed reliability that increases the comfort and cuts down on energy usage.

Cooling Efficiency

Unlike other systems that suffer from variable cooling deficiencies, the Rheem 13 SEER split system has amazing cooling capacities which respond to your personal desires and interests. For instance, the 3-ton model has a nominal cooling capacity equivalent to 36,000 BTU/HR.

Variety of Capacities

The Rheem 13 SEER split systems come in various capacities ranging from 1.5-ton to 5-ton. This gives you flexibility and a wide range of choice. The different capacities under the Rheem 13 SEER split system series are listed below.

  • 13AJN18A01// Ah: RH1P2417STANJA 1.5 TON 13 Seer Bottom Return
  • 13AJN24A01 // Ah: RH1P2417STANJA 2 TON 13 Seer Bottom Return
  • 13AJN30A01 // Ah: RH1P3017STANJA 2.5 TON 13 Seer Bottom Return
  • 13AJN36A01 // Ah: RH1P3017STANJA 3 TON 13 Seer Bottom Return
  • 13AJN42A01 // Ah: RH1P4821STANJA 3.5 TON 13 Seer Bottom Return
  • 13AJN48A01 // Ah: RH1P4821STANJA 4 TON 13 Seer Bottom Return
  • 13AJN60A01 // Ah: RH1T6024STANJA 5 TON 13.5 Seer Bottom Return

10-Year Manufacturer Warranty

When purchasing the Rheem 13 SEER split system you do not need to worry because the warranty covers you up to 10 years for the compressor and 5 years for parts. However, in order to enjoy these warranties, you must register your unit online after purchasing it and it must be for residential usage.